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Links to News About Meditation
News and research about meditation.

What Is So Great About Meditation?
The answers may surprise you.

How to Meditate
A long article that goes into detail about the benefits as well as instructions for meditation.

Ambulatory Practice
Here's a simple meditation you can do while you do your everyday activities.

Why Relaxing Is Spiritual
Why would exercises like meditation or breathing deeply be "spiritual?"

Lost Significance
Meditation changes your relationship to your own thoughts in an important way.

Meditation First
It works best to put meditation first. It is the foundation.

Generate Friendliness
Learn a simple Buddhist meditation called metta.

Tranquility First
What would happen if you made tranquility your first priority?

Hidden Path
Cultivating calmness in yourself is the hidden path to happiness.

Fast Track
Here's a technique for getting into a very relaxed state quickly.

A Mantra To Believe In
Here are some tips on choosing a mantra.

Cure For Normal
A simple method to cure the normal level of craziness we all share.

Gently Returning
The physical and psychological benefits of mantra meditation. This article incudes simple instructions for how to meditate.

Lower Your Spouse's Stress
How you can reduce your spouse's stress level. And a calmer spouse will, of course, turn right around and reduce your stress level too.

Compensate For Your Environment
Meditation is a way to compensate for the unnaturally stressful condition most of us live in.

Meditation Makes You Wiser
A short article demonstrating the wisdom of meditation.

Dividing Motivation
Does meditation reduce your motivation? Does it kill your drive? Yes, it does, but in a good way. If you are ambitious, this article is for you.

Three Ways In Which Zen Meditation Is The Answer
This is an article about the benefits of mindfulness meditation (otherwise known as zazen or vipassana).

How the practice of mindfulness meditation can enhance your everyday experience.

A list of links to mostly short articles on practicing Buddhism in the 21st century.

Settling Thoughts
How to calm your mind when you feel unbalanced or frantic or nervous.

Peace at Will
You can create a calmer, more peaceful state of mind quickly and easily.

What to do if you have trouble falling asleep when you meditate.

Happiness Divided
Different kinds of meditation cultivate different kinds of happiness. What kind do you want?

How to Relax Your Mind
A simple technique of self-hypnosis, adapted from the Silva Method.

Articles and Interviews
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