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Self-Confident Child
Read what Klassy Evans (editor of Self-Help Stuff That Works) says in answer to a question about how to help children develop self-confidence.

What Went Wrong With the 60s?
So much that happened during the 60s was good and right. So what went wrong?

Is Giving Blood Good For Your Body?
Of course donating blood helps others, but does it help you, too?

Fulfill Your Destiny
This is Adam Khan's translation of Emerson's essay, Self-Reliance, into modern English.

Fear of Public Speaking
A woman wrote to Adam Khan asking how she could overcome her fear of speaking in public. Read Adam's answer here.

Dread Lock
If you dread public speaking, read this. There IS a way out of your misery, and it's not that difficult.

Resources for Speakers
A man said he wants to be a motivational speaker and asked what books to read. Read Adam's answer.

The Olympic Games
A few facts about the Olympic games.

Speculations On Prayer
Some thoughts on prayer.

Hard To Get Women
How hard-to-please women helped the evolution of human intelligence.

Stop Road Rage
Here is something you can do to help end hostility on the road.

Subconscious Mind
A reader asked Adam what he thought of Joseph Murphy's work with the subconscious mind. Here is Adam's answer.

What Chess Teaches
Learning to really play chess well can teach important life lessons quickly and relatively painlessly. Read the lessons Adam Khan learned about how to live well.

Who Was Saint Patrick?
This is a short, true story of the man who was eventually ordained as Saint Patrick.

Even Cannibalism is Cool From a Cynic's Point of View
Professional cynics, whether they're pundits or intellectuals, can influence you to have a negative point of view by using presuppositions.

What Is RSS?
You often see the invitation on blogs to "subscribe to the RSS feed." What does that mean? Find out here.

Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?
The answer is simple and clear cut.


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Memetic Evolution
A clear explanation of what memes are and how memetics can cast a new light on old ideas.

What is a Meme?
A short, simple description of the new science of memetics.

You Are a Star (In More Ways Than One)
You were forged in the nuclear furnace of a star, you run on solar energy, and the genetic mutation that led to you was caused by a supernova.

Google Search Tips
Reduce frustration and improve your chances of finding what you're looking for by using these search tips for Google.

A List of Useful Websites
Links to sites that will help you do all variety of things, from emailing yourself in the future to turning your screensaver into a slide show of your favorite pictures.

Why Did Europeans Conquer The World?
Why wasn't it Native Americans or Australian Aborigines? The answer may surprise you.

Why Were Native Americans So Vulnerable to European Diseases?
And why didn't Native Americans give Europeans the same amount of disease that Europeans gave Native Americans?

Who Are You Really?
A reader wrote in and said he was sometimes confused about who he really was. Read Adam Khan's answer.

Celebrate the Solstice
The shifting of the earth on its axis happens at a specific time every year to everyone on earth. This might be something that we could all celebrate together.

The Fine Art of not Honking People Off
How to prevent misunderstandings in email messages with a few simple rules of conduct.

How To Use Outlook To Send Reminders
A little-used feature of some e-mail programs like Microsoft Outlook allows you to forward messages in the future. Very handy.

The Danger of Television
This is a list of statistics about television watching habits.

Contradictions In The Work
For those of you who read this web site carefully, you will notice apparent contradictions between the points of different articles.


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