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Conflict Resolution
Learn how you can best resolve arguments with people you love, and why you should.

How to Have a Committed, Satisfied Spouse
Learn about a simple research finding that could make a huge difference in the quality of your marriage (and its longevity).

Purposeful Relationship
Find out what is missing in most modern family relationships and what you can do about it.

This Too Shall Pass
Learn how you can stay calmer during arguments and stressful circumstances.

Observe the Tension
When you are in an uncomfortable situation, here's what to do.

Break Out
Learn how being yourself gets rid of boredom and gives you back your enthusiasm for living.

Power in Your Life
Everybody knows you "should" be honest. But not everybody knows that honesty has some powerful practical advantages for close relationships.

How to become more patient.

No Apology
Be exactly who you are without apology and you will attract people to you who are good for you.

Closer to Someone
How to get closer to someone in a conversation by knowing how to listen.

Head Shrinker
A good way to handle heated arguments. And what can happen if you don't handle them well.

Language of Love
Learn how you and your spouse can feel more loved by each other by discovering which love language your spouse prefers (and if it matches yours).

Bad Mood Carriers
Are you in a relationship with someone who is in a bad mood often? Would you like to do something to change that?

How to Make Someone Feel Better
It's easier than you think if you know how to do it.

The Disintegration of the Family Unit
People are constantly complaining about the disintegration of the family. What causes it? How can you prevent it?

Stop Being a Victim
If you feel that others dominate you in conversations, read this.

How to Stop Arguing in a Relationship
Find out what causes the kind of frustrating round and round that goes on, and how to fix it.


Helping a Troubled Loved One
When listening to someone's troubles, find out what will truly help (and what doesn't help at all).

How to Connect to People
When you reduce relationships to their most fundamental components, the answer becomes crystal clear.

Difficult Moments
Here is a simple method for you to memorize and apply when you're experiencing a difficult moment with a person.

How to Deal With Common Everyday Sociopaths
Is there someone in your life who seems to cause more distress than all the other people in your life put together? Not all sociopaths are murderers.

Consequences of Not Listening Well
What are the consequences to your mate when you don't listen well? Warning: This is not pretty.

How to Listen Well
How to listen to your mate in a way that really helps. These listening skills were discovered by scientific experiments.

Look From There
A quick way to end an argument.

Bypass the Impasse
How to handle an impasse between you and your mate.

Why Deepen Connection?
Your feelings of being loved have a measurable influence on your health.

How to be Sincerely Interested
The key to good listening is to be sincerely interested. But can you deliberately become interested and do it sincerely?

What to Say When You Want to be Honest
If you want to be more honest, you need to know what honesty really is.

Adam Khan's advice to a friend who was seriously contemplating divorce.

Is Anger Useful?
And if it is, under what circumstances?

The Best Way To Disagree
Create better bonds with people by knowing the difference between different kinds of talk.

Reveal Intentions
An important principle in good communication is to let your listener know what your intentions are.

Sex Differences
Are there real differences in the sexes? If so, what causes those differences? Is it helpful to know about it one way or another? Find out here.

Cultivating Closeness
Learn how you can become closer to the people you love, find out what is in the way of closeness, and why it is good for your health to overcome those barriers.


Articles and Interviews
Learn about sustaining motivation, improving relationships, relieving depression, improving your health, reducing anxiety, becoming more optimistic, enjoying a better mood more often, earning more money, expanding your creativity, making better decisions, resolving conflicts, and much more.

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