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Cultivating Fire: How To Keep Your Motivation High
Why does motivation tend to fade? More importantly, what can be done about it?

Never Give Up
This is a long article full of true stories. Reading this article will increase your persistence and determination.

Persistence and Determination Are Omnipotent
Read an inspiring and instructive true story of the astonishing power of persistence and determination.

Sustaining Motivation
A woman wrote to Adam Khan asking how to sustain motivation. She has bursts of enthusiasm, but they fade. Read Adam's answer.

How to Create a Self-Fulfilling Prophesy
How you can use your mind to work in your favor rather than against you.

How to take advantage of whatever happens to you, no matter what it is.

Want To Do More With Your Life?
One of our readers wrote to say he has a desire to do more with his life, but he doesn't really know what he wants to do. Read how Klassy Evans answered him.

Turn Hopelessness Into Realistic Optimism
The practical purpose and power of hope.

A Slave to His Destiny
This is the true story of how one man can change the course of history by making of the most of where he was.

The Secret of Success
He was voted one of the top ten Modern Revolutionaries of the Twentieth Century by a jury of distinguished scholars and scientists, including Albert Einstein and Orville Wright. Who was he?

How to Help Someone Become More Optimistic
It's easy enough if you know how and are motivated. But how can you motivate someone else to try?

Quotes on Purposefulness
Some uncommon quotes on the power of living with purposefulness.

Printable Quotes
Small posters to post where you can see them often.


Just Keep Planting
The true story of a man who did what others thought was impossible through consistency of purpose.

Are You the One?
History shows very clearly that individual people with their individual efforts guide the destiny of the human race, and now guide the future of planet earth. What part will you play in this unfolding drama?

The Most Powerful Way to Talk to Yourself
Discover the most powerful way to talk to yourself.

Motivate Yourself Without Stress
Find some clarity here on the nature of self-motivation.

The Fate We Make
What you think about fate can determine what yours ultimately becomes.

The Inspiring Story Of Paracelsus
He made a big difference in the world, but as in many great innovations, most of the response he got was negative.

Undemoralize Yourself
If you ever feel discouraged, disheartened, or even depressed, you need to master the material in this article, which is now located on Adam Khan's new blog,

All In Your Head
What makes the difference between succeeding and failing? What is the key difference between those who make it and those who don't? Whatever the difference, it is something between your ears.

The Secret of Rudy's Persistence
The real Rudy the movie was made out of revealed his secret.

Crush Pessimism
Pessimism is like a lamprey that sucks the lifeblood out of you. Find out what you can do to keep your determination and motivation even in the face of setbacks.

Rocky Balboa and Determination
This is a review of the movie, Rocky Balboa, which illustrates the principles of overcoming negative influences.


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