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...have a better attitude

...cure boredom at work

...improve your mood

...feel kinder toward others

...find a soul mate

...deepen your love with your spouse

...feel less frustration and anger toward others

...become more likable and popular

...read faster

...get more respect from others

...lose weight

...become emotionally stronger

...speed up your goal's achievement

...become less depressed

...worry less

...find your mission in life

...increase your chances of getting a promotion

...accomplish your goals quicker

...become more optimistic

...use your time better

...feel calmer and more serene

...make personal changes that last instead of backsliding

...motivate yourself

...prevent people from criticizing you

...improve your people skills

...improve your ability to accomplish a difficult task

...help your children feel good about themselves

...make more money at work

...get maximum rejuvenation from your leisure time

...feel good about yourself

...be less negative

...solve problems more quickly

...feel anger less often

...gain more time in your life

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