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This article was excerpted from the book, Principles For Personal Growth by Adam Khan. Buy it now here.

ONE FUNDAMENTAL FORCE allows you to make changes in your life and turn good ideas into reality. The greatest idea, the finest resolution, the best plan are all useless without it.

What is this fundamental force? It is the power of keeping your word. It’s the attitude of honoring the promises you make as sacred — even (or maybe especially) the promises you make to yourself.

The good news is you can increase your ability to keep your word. You can make this power more available to yourself.

First, understand the fundamental role it plays. Recognize its power.

Next, don’t commit yourself lightly — treat each promise you make as something you will do no matter what. Be very selective about what you commit yourself to.

And finally, renew your commitment every time you break your word.

Each of us has what Abraham Maslow called “choice-points” every day. These are moments when we have to decide, “Am I going to do the thing I promised myself and move forward? Or am I going to do the easy thing and break my promise and move backward?”

And if you break your promise, you arrive at another choice-point: Will you renew your commitment to be a person who keeps your word? Or will you give up on yourself and adjust your self-image downward? The decisions you make during these choice-points determine the direction and quality of your life.

The most important starting point is to make a promise to yourself that, from this day forward, when you come to a choice-point, you will choose to keep your word. The more often you make the choice to keep your word, the more your word is worth. Eventually, your word is as good as gold.


Keep your word.

This article was excerpted from the book, Principles For Personal Growth by Adam Khan. Buy it now here.

Author: Adam Khan
author of the books, Self-Help Stuff That Works and Antivirus For Your Mind
and creator of the blog:
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