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THE FOLLOWING is a list of thought-mistakes. By making these common mistakes, you produce unnecessary negative emotions. By catching yourself making those mistakes, you reduce or eliminate those unproductive bad feelings. Read more about how to do that here: The Antivirus For Your Mind. Here is the straight list. Each one goes to an article about it.

1. exaggerating
2. overgeneralizing
3. oversimplifying
4. extremism
5. overcertainty
6. negative guessing
7. self-defeating conclusions
8. false implications
9. choosing the worst possible explanation
10. false helplessness
11. false hopelessness
12. shoulds and musts
13. misplacing responsibility
14. focusing too narrowly
15. harmful judging
16. asking unanswerable questions
17. bias for confirmation
18. using emotions as evidence
19. dismissing facts
20. ignoring alternatives
21. assuming
22. negative bias


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